Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving – One of the Best Holidays


With the approaching of this wonderful American/ Canadian holiday, I decided to write a post about it… I want to say a few things and explain how I feel about the foreign holidays and why I really love the idea of this “Turkey day” even though we don’t celebrate it in Bulgaria…

I hate the moments when people say: “This is not your holiday. It’s pointless to celebrate it, if it’s not yours.” What the hell, man? And I don’t mean just Thanksgiving, I also mean Halloween. These two great holidays gather all your friends and family and it is amazing!

Okay, I will be honest. We have some good holidays here in Bulgaria. But apart the international holidays such as Christmas, New Year Eve, Easter, we have just a few national holidays and they are mostly about some historical events. We don’t have holidays that gather all the family around the table. And that’s what I want to have… I want to see all of my family, to probably meet some new family members, to talk with my cousins and other relatives. Probably, many of you will say that I don’t need a special day to do that, but that’s not true… Nowadays, people work every day, they don’t have time and money to spend, they don’t really care about traditions and that’s sad. According to my opinion Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays in the world along with Christmas and Easter. A wonderful day when you can express your gratitude to family and friends… and mostly – to God.

Why am I writing all of this stuff… Well, I really feel like I have so much to be grateful for… Especially, during this year. I can say that it was the best one in my life so far… But I have doubts that it will stay that way, because the next one is coming and I think that it will be SPECTACULAR!

I have so many things to be grateful for and I would like to share some of them with you, just because. And since, we don’t celebrate the holiday, I won’t have my family around the table… So here we go…

        1.    I will firstly start with my job. Thank you, God, for helping me find this job and start working in this great company. A really, really huge THANKS to the boy who recommended me and now, I am a part of the team. Thanks to my job, I had the money to go to Rome and  go to London which was a dream that became true. Thanks to my job, I also have money to go to America next summer which will be like the best thing that has EVER happened to me.
     2.    A big thanks to Professor Marin Chonev who unfortunately passed away this summer. May he rest in peace… Thanks to this man I witnessed so many great cultural events. Thanks to this man I met so many incredible people. I hope that one day people will remember me the way they remember him – as a great man who accomplished so many of his goals and did so much for us and our culture.
      3.     And while saying thanks for the friends I’ve made, I should also thank these people for becoming a part of my life! This year, I made so strong friendships with a few people from the other side of the planet. People should realize that they are not the only one nation. It’s a huge world and you have so many things to see. Go, explore, make friends, create story! Thank you, A., for becoming a part of my life! <3
      4.    Thank you, C., for being next to me when I need someone. For every reason, you are always here and I appreciate everything you make for me even though sometimes I’m not showing it properly. Thank you for accepting me the way I am – crazy, always nervous or mad at something or someone, too emotional! Thanks!
      5.     I should also mention my parents and thank for their support. Sometimes, they can’t really understand me, my wishes, my actions, sometimes, they don’t 100 % believe in me, but they still do so much to help me and I’m so grateful for this!
       6.    Ok, we are almost there… This is the last person I want to thank! And this person is me… I guess that this is not something that you would usually read or hear from someone, but you can’t even imagine how grateful I am to myself. I am grateful for everything I did. Because of my dreams, I keep being true to myself, always do what I want and having success in everything. I always give my best, my 100%... Thank you, Meg, for not stopping even when people bring you down. Keep being yourself and next year, I will say another “Thank you.”

PS: Always be thankful!

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