Sunday, December 30, 2012

My 2012 in 12 Photos

Hi, there! I’m glad that you feel interested in finding out more about my year. With one word, I can say that it was AWESOME. I lived so many of my dreams. I worked so hard on many different projects. I started school, still participating in all the musicals we’ve been doing… I met so many people, make some new friends and I can say that so far this year was the best year in my life. :)

In the following lines, I will share with you 12 photos which will show you what happened and why I am so excited about the past year. If you want to learn more details, you could also check out my weekly project called “52 weeks (or less)of 2012”. The world didn’t end, so I finished the project and I’m happy with the result, because it shows how interesting my life actually is. Before I even start, I want to wish you a happy and successful 2013 and make sure that you follow your dreams. Stop living for the others, use FB, but don’t make your FB your life and use your spare time to meet new people and becoming a better person… :)


As you can see, this is picture of me dancing. In January, I had already 3 dances which I choreographed and I’m proud with this. I also started the project called “World Dance Day – Varna” and I dare to say that it was quite successful :) I was working in a new company – FOS which is actually the best company in Varna! :) People are great, atmosphere is cool and I improved my English skills. Well… I’m still doing some stupid mistakes, but for a person that has never actually studied the language, I think I’m doing a great job! :)


Even though, I’m on the stage since I was 5th grade, I have never actually paid more attention to the dancing. I did this year! :) I had a few solo dances and a few group ones. It was really funny. This is me performing and I really love that photo. You can even see it on the background of my blog. Also, me and my boyfriend, we won a photo contest for the St Valentine’s day and the prize was a vacation in Rome. Well, we paid the most of it, but still, we had a great time.


Rome! The coliseum, Di Trevi fountain, the zoo… we saw all these fantastic places and we loved each one of them. Back then, I was really excited about seeing as much of the world as possible. I added to my check-list with “done” – Rome, right after Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Vienna, Salzburg, Budapest, Belgrade, Sarry, Chalogne-en-champagne and a few more. Well, there was only one place that was really missing… London.
I was also a part of the World Stars Salsa festival and I met some of the best dancers in the world! And I mean that. There were movie stars, also the creator of the LA salsa style, the 5-time world salsa champions, some really cute itallianos ;) and many more :)


My World Dance Day event in Varna was so successful. Everyone loved it, including me and I can say that I’m pretty critical- if you know me, you should be aware of this fact. The picture that you are seeing is made by Milena Velikova, which (on my opinion) is the best photographer! Check out her site and you will love her job.


One of the best months this year… Why? Well, I met the most incredible and talented people, that’s why! I had the best party in my life, I made some great friendships and for the very first time, I felt right! :) Speaking of America, I should also add the fact that next year in May, I will be there! And that’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I can’t wait and I believe that 2013 will be even better than 2012. And that’s a high goal, really…


I haven’t had so much fun for a really long time. This boy, who is currently living in London, was one of the closest friends I’ve had this summer. And I’m so grateful about that. Even though now, he is back there and everything’s changed, I miss every single moment. I miss you, Marti <3 :)


A DREAM BECAME TRUE!!!!!!!! London was actually the best town I added to my list. And the fact that we visited during the London 2012 Olympics, made the trip even greater! Do you know what the Warner Bros. Studio Tour is? THIS IS THE BEST PLACE FOR ALL THE HARRY POTTER FANS… and I mean it!!!!!! All the props, backstage secrets, the castle… It was AWESOME!!!! And if I have the chance, I’m definitely visiting again. I saw all of the top attractions, the London eye, the Mme Tussauds museum, the zoo, the aquarium… I also saw the Olympic stad, met some athletes… and some fans. Olympics can be so much fan!!! Rio 2016, we will be there… one way or another :P


Another great event in my list. Lady Gaga’s concert was the best show that I’ve ever seen. Considering the fact that I’ve also saw Mark who is my most favorite dancer IN THE WORLD… well, this concert ROCKED MY WORLD! I loved every single dance, song and outfit. She is the best performer on my opinion and even if you are not a fan, you would love her show. So next time when you have a chance, don’t miss it…


Work, work, work… friends… projects… and preparing for school. I was really exited… I haven’t went to school since the last year and it was really strange… u know… studying and stuff.. new people…


The mission “Zoo” project has officially started. We raised funds and started repairs. I was really good and I have never done this before. It was a new experience and I believe that one day, when I start living on my own, I’m definitely doing everything on my own. It’s so much fun. It was quite a disappointment for me, because it looks like young people in Bulgaria don’t know how important volunteering actually is. Still, the results in December were really impressing.


Not really much to tell. Mostly work, college, working on the mission “Zoo” project. The “Twilight” saga is now over and after the end of the “Harry Potter” series last year, now, all the great movies of our generation are over. That’s kinda sad.


We all expected the end of the world. It didn’t end, but what we'll change? (What if the world ends?) It was pretty snowy the last few days and I love that. I’m in my paid leave now… actually for the first time, I’m using a paid leave. It’s almost finished and I didn’t really get to relax. I started to study for my first exams. So far, I have two A-s and I’m going to the exams with all the points I had to “collect” through the semester. Yay for me!!!!

I can say that I’m proud of my year! :) I hope you are all happy with your success too. Set some goals for the next year and follow them until they become reality.  Think before you act. What will you do tomorrow that will make you proud in a year! Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too. Your 2013 mission should be: be so busy loving your live so you don’t have any time for hate, regret or fear. And always wear your invisible crown, ok? :) Happy and successful new 2013 year to all!

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