Thursday, December 20, 2012

What If The World Ends?

Honestly? I think that it would be both great and horrible… Why great? Well, we have ruined our planet enough, don’t you think? We destroyed our forests, our parks… we keep destroying the nature with every minute. We kill animals – some people do that for fun… And that’s normal? Since, we can’t kill or remove from the planet all of these sick people… Well, the world end can do it for us – free of charge :)

Why horrible… Um, I have many more things to do. And I believe many other ambitious people have more goals to accomplish. Yes, that would be a great loss of potential. Like in every house, you should clean regularly to avoid being suffocated of dirt, someone has to do the cleanup and whoever this is… He better does this well. So, I don’t think I will be sorry if the world ends tomorrow. Actually, I think that nobody will, since we will be gone. In Australia, it’s already 21.12.2012. And they will be the first to discover, if the world is going to end. How’s the situation so far, mates?

What if the world ends? Come on, guys! It’s not that big deal. We are destroying everything around us. Destroying our health by smoking and drinking, destroying the environment with all these cars and garbage, killing the animals by leaving them on the street, because “we don’t want them any more”. This is stupid. So yes! What if the world does end?

But what if the world doesn’t end tomorrow? That should be the real question. We won’t change. We will continue destroying everything around us and build buildings we don’t need. There are so many problems ahead of us and I want to tell you that the end of the world won’t be a problem. Our problem will be if this doesn’t happen. Think about that. Think about what you are going to change from 22nd. Think about what you want to do for your planet, for our planet. Quit smoking. Get a bike and leave the car. Take a homeless animal and make it your best friend. Because we can make a change, but no one has the guts, but we have the power.

And last… I want to tell to everyone that I care about (and I’m sure that they do know that, if they are “on my list”): I love you, guys! If you are one of the people I care about – I’d love to live through the end of the world knowing that I have two or three or four people that appreciated me till the end. Uh, too touching :D

So… what would you do, if the world doesn’t end? See you in a couple of days. (Or not…)


  1. "Not afraid that it's going to end. Afraid, that nothing's gonna change" - not my words, but my thoughts.

    1. Actually, that's what I tried to say ^^ I'm glad that someone agrees :)