Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cincinnati OR the Beginning of My Summer

 After a sleepless night, with a cup of hot chocolate next to me, I start the new day. I felt like writing, so here we go – as promised, I will tell you about my summer experience. I will start with Cincinnati and the visit of my friends – a truly unforgettable start of a truly unforgettable summer!

I was really excited to go there. Going in America has always been my dream. And I got the chance to make it true, so I couldn’t be more grateful and happy. In my older posts, I mentioned my friends from Cincinnati that I met on a choir competition in Bulgaria a couple of years ago. When I was buying my airplane tickets, I made sure that I will visit them first. And I definitely don’t regret my decision. 

Me and Ceco (a.k.a. Ted), we stayed with our friend Wesley in Newport, which is really close to Cincinnati. I can’t even express all the feelings I had inside me the minute we got off the airport. It was just like I’m in a movie or something. Even the airport’s parking lot look like a scene from an action movie. You can laugh at me, but when you’ve been waiting for something to happen for so long, you would remember every little detail that would actually look like a really big of a deal. 

Our friends had everything planned from the very start. (By the way, I should probably mention how excited I was to see them again!) Even though we had to fight the jet lag (7-hour difference), we spent the whole evening out. We had dinner in a nice Italian restaurant (don’t worry, we had the rest of the summer to eat junk food! It was a good thing that we started with something different.) and that’s also the first time I understood the meaning of EXCELLENT customer service. I don’t know how it is in the other countries, but here, you can experience good service only if you are in a fine dining restaurant. So getting a high-quality service in almost every restaurant, bar or fast food diner was kind of a new thing for us. Always leaving tip and free refills were a new thing as well, but I definitely enjoyed it.

The next couple of days were really great. First, we got to see the NKU campus. The “Cincinnati zoo and botanical garden” was simply amazing and I saw some of the other members of the choir. The difference between their zoo and our zoo… oh well, I don’t really want to comment that, you should see it to understand what I want to explain. When we were all done, we went for a lunch and I spent half an hour teaching Kyle how to say some Bulgarian tongue-twisters while I was practicing the English ones while there was a horrible traffic ahead of us.. (here's a video btw.) How much wood would a woodchuck chuck. If a woodchuck could chuck wood? Yeah, I don’t know either. The night we spent a a fun game night with friends playing “Cards against humanity”. Like in the movies, right? Definitely, a night to remember!

The next day, I went to Wallmart for the very first time! But what I really want to mention is the dinner I got the chance to attend. So perfect! And I’m so grateful to Andrew and his whole family for the absolutely amazing experience I had. A really delicious dinner with a big family around the table talking about life and… I don’t know. I totally enjoyed every minute about it! 

My first days in the USA were absolutely AMAZING! I will never forget these few days and I couldn’t have a better start of this amazing summer. So thanks to everyone that made it so special. Thank you, guys! I can’t wait to see you all again. 

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