Sunday, January 19, 2014

Welcome to Montana!

After I had a great time in Cincinnati, it was time for me and Ted to hit the road to our final destination – West Yellowstone – the town where we were supposed to spend our summer.
It was like 3 am in the morning on 23rd of May and Wesley gave us a ride to the airport. It was raining and we were all wet before we even get to the car. It was hard to say “goodbye”, but we knew we’d see each other again and we also knew that something absolutely amazing was about to happen, so we were ready for our next adventure. And if I may just say that Bozeman’s airport was absolutely adorable!

We flew from Cincinnati to Bozeman through Denver. The plan was to spend the night in Bozeman, because nobody would pick us up till the next day. When we got to the airport, Ted left me to go and change his pants (I know it sounds funny, but the girl that was sitting next to him spilled her Coke all over his jeans and it was hilarious to be honest). So in the meanwhile I had to find a way to call the shuttle to come and pick us up to the hotel. And an unexpected “Hi!” came up from nowhere. I was kinda surprised. There was a boy standing next to me. He asked me, if I’m going to work in Yellowstone. That was so weird, I mean how did he know haha. His name was Chris and he was going where we were going so.. he called the shuttle and we started talking. He really helped us and we ended up sharing the same room. I mean – sharing a room with someone that we just met! That doesn’t even sound like me! But it actually was the beginning of an amazing friendship! We talked so much this day. He was from Minnesota and had an absolutely awesome and friendly personality. So glad we had the chance to meet him, to be honest! Another great experience and great memory to talk about. All three of us, we had a fun night at the bar after getting a really good nap at our big comfortable beds at the Holiday Inn in Bozeman. Chris left early in the morning and we had to wait till 11 for our ride.

So the van arrived and Christine (who was our HR manager) helped us do all the stuff we had to (I mean like calling CIEE and applying for our Social Security Cards). We met another two Bulgarians – Vasil and Alexander – two more awesome friends that we met during our summer there. We went shopping to Target (because Alexander’s luggage was lost during his flight and ended up in Chili). It was the end of May, and the decoration for 4th of July was all over the place – that was just another really great thing about America – the holiday spirit is always there… I got to enjoy decoration for 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas during the only 4 months I got to spend there. BRILLIANT!

So we were warmly welcomed to Montana. It was time for us to get going and finally see where we were about to spend our summer. It was an absolutely beautiful drive – around an hour and a half, but I got to do the drive a few more times since Bozeman was the closest big city (and also the closest city where we could get tattoos! But we’ll talk about this another time).

We were almost there! And I’ve never felt more excited.

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