Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Interesting Ideas About a Personal Photos Project


I really like doing different projects! That’s just me… If I don’t make a hundred things in the same time, I will be bored. That’s why I’m always up to something, different kind of personal projects. I don’t pretend that all the ideas are 100% mine, but I try to make them different and …. unique! So! What I will propose here? Just a few of my ideas that I want to share with you and if you want, you can just personalize them and make them ALL YOURS!

My best photo project so far, this is the “52 weeks (or less) of 2012”. There, I upload pictures weekly and I describe the most important details of my life so far. However, I started doing this in Bulgarian, so if you don’t speak my language it will be a bit difficult to understand what I’m saying. Still… if you want to see how I’m doing this and see the pictures so far (which are 36), you can just click here.

My second project is called “Megi in the kitchen”. I upload pictures of my cakes, pies, mousses and other delicious things that I prepare in my kitchen on my own! If you love cooking, this is a great opportunity for you to test yourself, to try new recipes and to show the people what you do and how amazing you are in this! If you want to see some of my tries, you can do it here.

My last project is about traveling. I really love traveling and I can say that I’ve been to many places. Unfortunately, only in Europe, but I have much bigger ambitions and I want to see as many places as possible. I upload the best picture from every city I’ve been to. However, my project doesn’t end only with this! I have a big map in my room and I check all places I’ve already been to.  That’s exiting, because I want to see the big black X all over the map and not only in Europe and that make me try even harder. My next destination is going to be somewhere in America, if I’m lucky enough and get everything that I need. Fingers crossed! 

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