Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What’s the Great Thing about Making Friends from All over the World


I don’t know why I’m so inspired to write about this… Oh, let me see! Well, that’s probably because I have so many friends now, from all over the world, and I’m so grateful for the different opportunities that the faith gave to me so I could meet all of these amazing people, speaking different languages, having different cultures, showing me so different characters. Thank you, God!

Do you know what’s the great thing about making friends from all over the world? Well, probably the fact that you get to travel, but without really traveling. That’s the best thing about it! You get to see all of these amazing cultures, hearing all different points of view. And I love it!

Another amazing thing is that you may make friends for life! I have friends from USA, UK, France, Germany… I love all of them! They are all great people and I’m so happy that I get to meet them. With some of them… I had the chance to meet more than once. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to see all these foreign friends over and over again. Or maybe it is, but this requires lots of money and pure dose of luck.

I can say, for myself, that one of my best friends is actually a foreigner. He comes from America and even though our friendship is moving on through Skype, he is one of the nicest persons I’ve ever met. I’ll get the chance to see him again in December (fingers crossed) and I’m so excited. Maaan, I miss him so much… I miss all of my friends that I can’t see enough often. But that’s the sweet thing about these friendships. You may not get the chance to see each other daily, but you will wait the moment and you will be much more excited when you meet.

So, my advice here is to make friends, keep in touch with them (even writing letters and send them cards for Christmas or their Birthdays), but never underestimate the power of these friendships. Because it’s most likely that they will you’re your friends for life! 

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